Trollius Libraries

Libraries compatible with asyncio and trollius

  • aioeventlet: asyncio API implemented on top of eventlet
  • aiogevent: asyncio API implemented on top of gevent
  • AutobahnPython: WebSocket & WAMP for Python, it works on Trollius (Python 2.6 and 2.7), asyncio (Python 3.3) and Python 3.4 (asyncio), and also on Twisted.
  • Pulsar: Event driven concurrent framework for Python. With pulsar you can write asynchronous servers performing one or several activities in different threads and/or processes. Trollius 0.3 requires Pulsar 0.8.2 or later. Pulsar uses the asyncio module if available, or import trollius.
  • Tornado supports asyncio and Trollius since Tornado 3.2: tornado.platform.asyncio — Bridge between asyncio and Tornado. It tries to import asyncio or fallback on importing trollius.

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